Josep Pujadas-Jubany
- IT Manager
- Energy Consultant
- Trainer

Some of my publications at the Internet

For EolicCat (Catalan Wind Energy Association)
PDF Batxillerat:

For FCRI (Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation)
Filtering Internet

For La Salle schools. Information Security

And many web sites, like: (Wind Energy) (Router/Firewall FreeBSD based) (IDS) (caching videos) (Power generation) (Linux Ubuntu & Multimedia) (Blog)

Computer skills

- Operating systems Windows, Unix (FreeBSD, HP-UX), Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu) & Mac OS.
- Networking (wired, wifi, routers, firewalls, proxies, internet connection).
- Remote desktops (RDP, ICA)
- Databases (dBase, MS Access, Informix, MS SQL, MySQL)
- Directories (MS Active Directory, LDAP, GoogleApps)
- Servers (files, media, web, e-mail, instant messaging)
- Centralised management station (antivirus, unattended installation software, VNC)
- Programming (dBase, VBA, html, php, perl, python)
- Scripts (Windows batch files, Unix/Linux shell scripting)
- Many desktop software (office, ERP, multimedia, CAD/CAM)
- Web project management
- Modbus/TCP industrial applications
- Spanish forum moderator,,10.0.html

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