Fourth day in Leerdam

On our fourth day here we have had a Dutch language lesson. Our hosts have been teaching us on such language’s roots, evolution and basic structure. At the end of the lecture, we have practised a bit and even been able to write a postcard to thank our hosts. Amongst those activities, we’ve had other lessons such as Maths, English and Social Studies.
Do you know what? We have even had a surprise for lunch! (A van which served fries, Kroketten and some other typical food).

Entrades recents d’Intercanvis

Third day in Leerdam

Today we’ve been to Amsterdam together with our partners. Even though the weather has not been really nice (they said it is the typical Dutch weather), we’ve had a great day visiting the city, the Rijksmuseum and going on a boat tour through the canals.

We will keep you informed!

First two days in Leerdam

We arrived yesterday afternoon in our partners’ small town called Leerdam. The flight was fine. We were warmly welcomed by the students and teachers and taken then to our host families’.

Today we have spent the day at school attending a round of three special lectures; we’ve learnt some interesting things about the Dutch culture and traditions, and ridden on a step bike around the town. We have all got impressed by the school’s great facilities fully equipped. Students and their matches really get along and are having a great time; even though the weather isn’t being fine (typical Dutch) the spirits sre high.

This afternoon after lunch we have gone canoeing on the river which has been very fun.
We’re going to visit Amsterdam tomorrow.